New Zealand: All Set To Make E-Cigarettes Legal

New Zealand: All Set To Make E-Cigarettes Legal

If you scroll through the news of New Zealand in the past 24 hours, you will be happy to read that the government is in process of forming certain plans to legalize the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids by 2018.

If you are unable to understand the main reason behind it, we suggest you to continue reading than scratching your head.

So, we have another reason to admit that e-cigarettes can make a smoking-free environment.  Yes, you read that right. The legalization process by the government will begin this year and come into force by 2018.

Nicky Wagner, Associate Health Ministry announced on Wednesday that government will align regulations around vaping with those for cigarettes. He agreed that few retailers were already selling them with no one being charged for selling and buying the product. He added by saying that although more knowledge on e-cigarettes needs addition, a general consensus has already acknowledged that vaping is less harmful than smoking.

The upcoming regulations will make it legal to import e-cigarettes but it would be illegal to sell them, only if it contains nicotine.

Taxpayer-funded vaping by Maori Party’s

New Zealand had set a goal to achieve a smoke-free environment by 2025 which will help the country to progress towards this goal. Philip Morris (a tobacco company), Jason Erickson (General Manager) and Mark Carswell (COSMIC retail chain owner) have welcomed the step.

Wouldn’t it be a great step for the smokers of New Zealand to find an alternative to smoking? Oh, wait! Did I not mention the new rules for all e-cigarettes? Here, they are:

  • E-cigarettes’ sales will be restricted to those 18 years and over
  • You cannot vape in indoor workplaces and smoking will remain banned everywhere
  • The advertisement will be restricted to prevent non-vapers, especially children, and young people, from vaping.

What’s more?

An advisory board will be set up to take care of the quality and safety standards of all the vaping products before they come into the market.

To foster the switch from smokers to vapers, there will be no tax levied on vaping products. Therefore, a person would be more ready to buy a vaping product than a cigarette, if the former is lower priced.

Also, under the new regulation, electronic cigarettes won’t be required to have plain packaging. They can be advertised on the store and outside of the stores.

As per the sources, the government is putting all efforts to make New Zealand, a smoke-free zone.

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