Vaping Etiquette: The Vaping Rules You Should Swear By

Vaping Etiquette: The Vaping Rules You Should Swear By

Whether you are a beginner or a pro at vaping, you need to acknowledge yourself with the rules of vaping. You cannot go out there and blow smoke in someone’s face to your heart’s content. Like there are office etiquettes, food etiquettes, we have vaping etiquettes too. The question now arises – What is acceptable and what is not?

This is true that once upon a time you could vape anywhere and there were no restrictions on vapers. Thanks to the vaping etiquettes because of which all of this is no more acceptable in the society anymore.

Let’s us dig deeper into the subject and understand the don’s’ of vaping world: 

  1. Job Interview- Unless you want to get rejected.
  1. Restaurant – Unless you want the owner to kick you out.
  1. You cannot blow smoke in someone’s smoke – Unless you want him to slap you.
  1. In Queues – Do not vape in the queues no matter how difficult it is to wait.
  1. While someone is cooking – Else you will cook a recipe for disaster.
  1. Public transport – Do not give vaping such a bad reputation by vaping in a bus, train, etc.
  1. Confined space – Do not vape in a confined space or you would give people an appearance of fire with the vapors coming out of your window


Although these places are not acceptable to vape, you should always check before you start vaping. One must always take care of the surroundings and ask permission from the people around him/her before vaping.

If you know more vaping etiquettes that we might have missed here, do mention in the comments section below!

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