You Will Cry Tears Of Joy When You Learn How Easy Vaping Can Be

You Will Cry Tears Of Joy When You Learn How Easy Vaping Can Be

We know you got your vaping equipment and have no idea how to use it. It’s time to stop wondering and start vaping for the first time. Stop researching on how to vape on hundreds of web pages now because this is the moment you have waited for. We promise we will not let you make a fool of yourself when you use your e-cig in public for the first time after reading this here.

Checklist To Vape

For a moment, go back to your past and remind yourself of the traditional cigarette checklist. Cigarette. Check! Lighter. Check! In case, you missed your lighter, you had to either borrow it or wait until you buy a new one to smoke. Let’s see vaping checklist now E-cigarette. Check! And, you are done. Stop re-reading! This is the only thing you need, provided the batteries are charged and the quantity of e-juice is fair enough to start vaping.

Operating Your E-Cigarette

First, figure out how your e-cig turns on and off.

Second, while you inhale, you need to press a button.

Bonus Tip: You will find which button to press in your user manual.

Third, you need to adjust your volts/watts to lowest setting (if required).

You need to read your manual too as different e-cigarettes operate differently, although we will make sure we do not miss any important point that you may require during its usage.

The Final Steps To Experience First Vapors

Finally, we are at the last step! Make sure you are in an area where vaping isn’t prohibited. If you have no idea about vaping etiquettes, you can learn them here (add link to the vaping etiquette blog).

It’s time to inhale your first magic puff now. Do not inhale as hard as your traditional cigarette.

Wait a bit!

Let your mouth/ lung feel the nicotine buzz.

Exhale through your mouth or nose or even both to give an appearance of a dragon. You can check the different methods here (add link to the blog mentioning various methods/techniques to vape).

When to stop? You can give a gap between five to ten minutes and continue vaping until you feel satisfactory.

Rinse and repeat. Keep in mind to hold the e-cig horizontally to promote better wicking.

Also, you may want to switch to the lowest nicotine content available in the e-cig, if you want to start chain-vaping.

Bonus Tip: Keep an extra pair of battery to never give a halt to your vaping experience.

We know people around you will be curious to learn about vaping once you start it. Who knows you may even convert smokers to vapers – which is always a win!

We hope you have an amazing session of vaping for the first time. We would also love to hear more questions and your vaping experiences in the comment section below!


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