E-cigarettes Or Cigarettes: What Causes Less DNA Damage?

E-cigarettes Or Cigarettes: What Causes Less DNA Damage?

Every week, we bring you lots of researches going on in the world around e-cigarettes. While scrolling through the web pages, we found this another research funded by British American Tobacco. Read on to explore more about it.

What was it all about?

It tried to investigate the differences between inhaling e-cigs and cigarettes on our genes and body.

How was it done?

Scientists created a 3D model of human airways and exposed the smoke to the tissue and studied the effects of both e-cigs and cigars.

For a better clarification in this regard, scientists observed how smoke made the airways respond to smoke zones. The airways were exposed to two smoke sessions, one after 24 hours and one after 48 hours.

Why did they choose such a time slot?

Smoke leaves an imbalance in the lungs for about 48-72 hours. Hence, such a time slot chose for the analysis.

What were the results?

Traditional cigarettes had their effects on cell metabolism and oxidative stress processes.

The effects of e-cigarettes were linked to different lung diseases.

Dr James Murphy from British American Tobacco said that the results have shown that e-cigs caused less damage to DNA. On the other hand, cigarettes smoke has harmful effects on cells which further triggered a robust gene expression response.

Clearly, the dangers of e-cigs were less with a striking difference than cigarettes when the experiments were carried out at equivalent doses.

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