Traveling with Your Vape 101

Traveling with Your Vape 101

Picture this scenario; you have your tickets booked for your dream vacation, bags all packed and ready to go. But then you remember your vape and you wouldn’t want to set off without your trusty vape kit. All sorts of scenarios start flooding your mind and you start worrying endlessly about the various regulations and whether it will be confiscated or not. Fret not as the regulations aren’t as bad as you may think it is. Through this blog, we touch upon the basic rules and safety precautions you can follow to ensure your departure to arrival goes hassle-free when it comes to bringing your personal vape kit along with you, especially when flying.

  1. First things first; bear in mind that your mod can not be packed in your checked baggage and should instead be stored in in your carry-on baggage.


  1. Ensure your mod is powered off before taking it on board. Also, it’s in your best interest to separate the vape kit. Store the battery and charger separately while also ensuring you have your extra batteries stored correctly. Additionally, you should also remember that charging your vape’s batteries during flight is prohibited. Invest in a battery case to ensure that your batteries don’t touch each other or stay clear of any other metal objects which could potentially start a fire. Be sure not to forget to carry the appropriate power cord and any outlet adapters with you.


  1. Owing to liquid restrictions for hand luggage on planes, current flight regulations state that you are allowed to only carry 100ml of liquid which also needs to be packed in a separate Ziplock bag. If you’re going for an extended trip, do check out if the place you are visiting has vaping stores so that you can stock up. If there aren’t any stores, simply ask your friend or partner to carry some juice for you. Don’t forget to take into consideration other liquids you may be bringing with you such as shampoo, perfume, etc.


  1. Keep in mind that an aircraft cabin is subjected to pressure changes and therefore it pays to empty your tank for the flight, clean it out and disassemble it. Changes in air pressure will cause your tank to leak and can be a nasty inconvenience on your flight.


  1. Smoking is prohibited on almost all flights so it goes without saying that you should never vape on your flight. Even if you feel you could potentially get away scot-free, please be considerate to other passengers and respect your fellow vaping community. Moreover, besides being against flying regulations, it can also embroil you in unwanted legal battles.


  1. Another important point to note is that even if you have managed to successfully travel with your vape kit in the past, you should still visit your airline’s website to see if there have been any changes regarding travelling with your vape. Airline regulations tend to change every now and then and it’s recommended you’re aware of the current rules in place to avoid your device and accessories being confiscated.


  1. Finally, it is imperative to check the various laws and stipulations that are in place in the destination which you plan on visiting. A few countries have completely banned the use of vapes and electronic cigarettes so make sure you do diligent research and look upon the country or region you’re visiting to see the laws regarding vaping in that country to avoid any tricky situations.

Final Thoughts

Just make sure to follow these travel tips to ensure your vacation goes smoothly and you’ll be a happy vaper abroad.  Be excited about your trip and enjoy your VAPEcation.

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