Are e-cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes?

Are e-cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes?

Smoking is an age old habit that is hard to get rid of if a person is used to it. Many companies try to come up with alternatives that help a smoking addict to get rid of the habit, but most of the options go in vain. One such attempt to reduce the habit is made by launching e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are an alternative to providing nicotine to people which provide a soothing and a calm feeling to the brain. Nicotine is usually found in tobacco which is inhaled when people smoke cigarettes. E-cigarettes have now come to India after being launched in the US. E-cigarettes in India have been launched as an electronic device that acts a nicotine provider and comes in the shape of a cigarette.

The debate prevailing the times is that whether e-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. Tobacco present in the regular cigarette is a major cause of cancer in humans which is not present in the e-cigarettes. This can be assumed to work in the favor of the e-cigarettes but the downside is that tobacco is not the sole reason for causing cancer. The nicotine present in it is inhaled when the liquid cartridge in the device is burnt to convert it into vapor. This liquid cartridge constitutes of chemicals (toxins) and flavor which is inhaled in the form of vapor and does not produce any smoke, unlike the conventional cigarettes.

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Cancer caused in people who smoke occurs due to their inhaling tobacco present in the traditional cigarettes. These cigarettes also contain toxic substances which contribute to causing the fatal disease. E-cigarettes in India may have been introduced as an alternative to the regular cigarettes to help people reduce their smoking habit, but it may not be the best alternative or it may not even be safe at all. The main reason is that the liquid cartridge in the e-cigarette also contains various chemicals which contain carcinogenic substances and can ultimately lead to causing cancer in people who use it. Due to this reason, the threat of cancer still looms over the people using it, giving us a solid reason to not use it.

Another reason that e-cigarettes in India may not be safe is that many curious teenagers who are below the age 18, try it out thinking that it is completely harmless. Even though these people are not actually smoking, they are exposed to the same levels of threat. This has become a reason for worry as more people, who otherwise wouldn’t have smoked in the first place, are using the device only because they think it is safe. The toxic chemicals in the e-cigarettes may not directly cause cancer but the reaction caused in the body after it causes inflammation in the lungs which can ultimately lead to bronchitis, heart diseases, emphysema, etc.

Even though there are no facts proving that e-cigarettes are safe or not, we have reasons enough to believe it is not.

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