Youth Smoking Declined By 50% When Vaping Increased

Youth Smoking Declined By 50% When Vaping Increased

India ranks second highest in terms of smoking after China and ranks the third highest country for producing tobacco. It is one of the biggest cause of concern as it has irked the family members of all those who are trying to quit the habit of smoking. It has become inevitable to fight smoking when even the teenagers of the country are picking up on this evil. But there is a reason to rejoice as vaping provides an effective substitute to smoking.

Vaping is the innovation that gives the same amount of relief or relaxing feel to the human brain when the user inhales from a vaporizer. It is a better alternative to cigarettes as it does not contain any tobacco. As more and more people are becoming aware of vaporizers India, they are convinced to try it out and might as well give up smoking.

Teenagers take up smoking mainly because they are curious to try things out and in no time they are seen getting addicted to it. It becomes quite difficult to not smoke as the habits become a necessity for them. But since the introduction of vaporizers India, it has been estimated that youth has declined to smoke to quite an extent, courtesy vaping. It has been estimated that the youth has easy access to the vaporizers India through the vaping stores India so they feel the urge to try it out. As the new technology device poses no or less harm to them, the youth is seen shifting from smoking. They feel that when a person can get the same high by using a less harmless then it is pointless to stick to cigarettes.

With the growing popularity of vaping, more people are coming forward to buy vaporizers which disseminate odorless vapors instead of smoke. This is another reason that there has been a steep decline in smoking. Another fact to testify this statement is that the sales of the vape stores India has been rising and the sales of cigarettes have been declining. The maximum sales of cigarettes were majorly attributed to the youth and with a decline in the sales, it can be assumed that people are shifting over to vaping.

There are few people who have taken up vaping thinking that it is harmless, which they otherwise would not have had if it were for smoking cigarettes. This is due to the reason that the e-liquids in the vaporizers come without nicotine as well. People can opt for strong nicotine liquids also as they like but that is a risk they are willing to take and it is still better than the cigarettes as they contain tobacco. To encapsulate, it can be easily said that the evolution of vaporizers India has overwhelmed the use of cigarettes and are here to stay for good.

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