Understanding E-Liquids. What to Buy?

Understanding E-Liquids. What to Buy?

If you vape, then this is one question that confuses all the Vapors. what to buy, what to choose? There are almost 8000 flavors to choose from. Our vaping habits are totally depended on what e-liquid we choose. And it also defines our future, if we are going to continue vaping or probably might get frustrated and switch to conventional smoking once again. 

If you want to buy E-Liquid for Vaping, and if you go on searching for Best E-liquids, chances are that you might end up buying wrong ones and getting frustrated eventually.

So the question stays, which one to buy?

Well, the correct answer is, there is No “best” E-Liquid flavor to buy. We all have our different taste, our difference choices, and we keep on experimenting based on it. We only choose good companies, as they are sure to be using best ingredients for making their products, and no the “pan” wallah, which has no guarantee what is in the liquid.

There are variety of flavors available in the market, and the flavor completely decides if we are going to stick to Vaping and for how long. The most important factor in choosing the E-Liquid is understanding our own self. Understanding what we want, and how long can we sustain one flavor.

Spectre By 13th Floor E Liquid Mr Meringue By Charlie's Chalk Dust E Liquid


Vaping allows us that benefit wherein we can choose the flavors, we can experiment, and we can also change our experience with one single device. It’s just a matter of changing the coils / cotton and then start vaping. Understanding the device is again very important, as the flavor of the same liquid changes with the temperature, and with the Atomizer or RDA/RTA that we use. For maximum flavor, it’s advisable to use lower temperatures. We will be coming up with more information very soon on how to get maximum flavor out of device. We can either choose max clouds, or great flavor. Depends totally on what we want. 

There are times when we go way beyond our boundaries in choosing the flavors, and that’s where we put ourselves at risk. The risk of getting bored of Vaping. The key to finding the “Best E Liquid Flavor” is sticking to what we really like. If you like deserts, extremely sweet, then experiment in the deserts. If you like fruity, or salty, experiment in that taste zone.

With GMV (Get My Vape), you have that advantage, as we take a lot of pain in getting the right e-liquid for you, and keep stocking different flavors as we know the importance. Get My Vape is an Online Store in India from where you can buy E-Liquids for your Vape Devices. We are a genuine shop which imports original liquids from abroad.

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