Journey to Quit Cigarette

Journey to Quit Cigarette

There’s a lot of times when we are vaping, we run out of small stuff. It could be coils, could be cotton, or just about anything else. That’s when get to Google, and start looking for places where we can get our stuff immediately. That immediate requirement is what is most important for us.

Struggle for finding vape and vape related products.

Like every other cigarette smoker, I wanted to quit. I was dreaming about being completely smoked free some day. But them dreams, there’s a reason why they are called “Dreams” Anyways, I tried, failed, and after a lot of failures, gave up the idea of quitting cigarettes. Though of dying with a cigarette in my mouth.

Then met someone, who had this flashy shining silver something in his hands, which gave a lot of smoke, and that smoke actually smell really good. I gathered all my courage and asked him, about the device and what it does. That was my first introduction to Vaping / E – cigarettes.

Anyways, I tried, tried a few flavors, and absolutely loved it. It was smok220, the good old alien 220. There was a lot of smoke, literally, lot of smoke, and that was enthralling for me regular cigarettes didn’t give this much. And that was something attracted me the most. I then started looking for vape shops in Delhi. There were a lot options available, but most of them were old style hookah, and stuff that didn’t attract me.

After a lot of searches, I finally found IJust S that could give me a good taste and good enough clouds. That was my first step towards quitting cigarettes. Then I went through the struggle of getting the coils, or the e-liquids. Most of the e-liquids offered by the Vaporizers, or Vape stores are mint based, and I was looking for something creamy. Something that would satisfy the child inside me. That’s when I started to Google more. I looked for the best Vape stores, Vaporizer stores, or Vape Shops that could help satisfy my taste buds, plus the ability to deliver products quickly. Being a smoker, I didn’t have the patience, and really didn’t want to get to smoking cigarettes.

Finding GetMyVape
Finding GetMyVape was not so difficult. I was Googling for the Vape Shops in India, and found them on first page. At first I was a little skeptical, as they are based out of Mumbai, and I being in Delhi had a little patience waiting for the Juices and coils to arrive. But to my surprise, I was delivered the products second day. That kept my interest alive in GMV for a very long time. Plus they keep on updating their products, and they have someone, (Arjun) who answers calls and is sensible enough to answer the queries.

Quitting Cigarettes
It was not an “Ordeal”, or something extremely difficult as such, or a real huge challenge. It’s all about our mind set and perceptions. Excess of anything is bad, and this goes every for vape. I kept everything in moderation. Initially had both, and then slowly, stopped cigarettes completely. It was more or less psychological. As I was inhaling smoke, and was sucking on to something. So it gave same sensation to my brain. And after reducing nicotine, eventually after a while I was on 0 nicotine. And after staying on 0 nicotine, it was extremely easy. There are times when I don’t vape for a day, and I don’t feel it.

Best Vaping Store
I would rate GMV as the best Vaping Store in India. And there’s only one reason to it. Education and patience. They told me everything about the dayumn Vaping. Right from the starter devices, to the actual high end coils and how to make them. I would like to thank them for being there, and at times going out of their way to get the
products delivered when I was extremely impatient.

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