• BCB LEMON E Liquid


    BCB Lemon is phenomenal blend of sugar cookie, ice cream, and the ripest lemon you can find in any vape. True to life flavoring that isn’t artificially inflated to become presentable. A perfectly creamy and fruity vape.

    An incredible juice with an amazing Lemon Gelato ice cream flavor combined with a Snicker Doodle Cookie.

    Primary Flavors: Lemon Ice Cream, Snicker Doodle Cookie
    VG / PG ratio:  80% VG / 20% PG
    Bottle Sizes:  120ml
    Strength:  , 3mg,
    Bottle Type:  120ml Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottle

  • Candy Juice Mango


    A new and different mix of mango inspired by Malaysian juices, Super sweet inhale with a soft cool exhale this juice is one for mango lovers to try. Available in 60ml and comes with a free nicotine shot to make it a 3mg liquid.

  • Chubby Black Jack Assassin


    A 50ml Nic Shot Ready 0mg e-liquid.

    While I was privately educated in Switzerland, I would stroll along the Straße with a bag of my favourite sweets. The regal Blackjack. My walks in the Swiss sun would often be interrupted by some the other pupils teasing and throwing insults as I go by. The Blackjack became my companion during this dark time, so I bring it to you as the third of my state-sanctioned e-liquid flavour! Those girls may have been younger than me but their mean taunts gave me ideas on how to run my country… DPRK will dance when I bring my revenge.

  • Chubby Bubble Gum Dictator


    The second of my state approved e-liquid flavours, Bubble Gum Dictator is sticky, sweet and ultimately satisfying. Few people know I invented bubble gum. My scientists are working on new flavours every day. But they need my direction. The DPRK is a haven of peace and compliance where everyone lives in harmony… if they do as they’re told. So you will like it. You WILL.

  • Clown Laffy E Liquid

    Laffy 60mL E-Liquid by Clown Liquids features sweet notes of fresh blueberry and grape candied with taffy to create a candy lover’s dream!

  • Clown Skitzo E Liquid


    Fresh from the Candy Butcher… Splashed and slaughtered Green Apples, submerged in a maniacal, molten caramel, splashed with a small dose of cranium cream

  • Clown Sweet Tooth E Liquid


    Straight from clown alley.. Circus spun cotton candy floss, spattered with candied razzberry nightmare nectar.



    A stack of pancakes covered in sweet syrup and succulent strawberries. Now with a layer of marshmallows, ice cream and cereal added on top!

  • Farley’s Gnarly Sauce by Bad Drip


    Bad Drip eJuice by Farley’s Gnarly Sauce. eJuices carries the complete line of Farley’s Gnarly Sauce eLiquids vaping products, along with other popular e-cig vaping brand Based off the recipe older than Bob Ross’s paintbrush, we pile-drived tangy kiwi into the heart of psychedelic strawberries dipped in a light bubblegum nectar.

  • Feel Good Watermelon Strawberry


    Strawberry and watermelon fused together perfectly to replicate your favorite hard candy with a kool twist.

  • I Love Candy Blue Raspberry E Liquid

    The Blue Raspberry of the I Love Candy Collection by Mad Hatter Juice has been handcrafted with tender love and care, infusing a fruity essence of ripe blue raspberry in candy form for a breathtaking blend.
  • I Love Candy Rainbow E Liquid


    As you inhale I Love Candy Rainbow ejuice, the tart and tangy flavors of lemon, lime and orange are going to wake up your palate and refresh your taste buds. As you exhale, sugary sweet fruity goodness will wash over your tongue. Flavors like cherry, strawberry, and grape will make your sweet tooth jump for joy.

  • I Love Candy Watermelon E Liquid


    I Love Candy Watermelon E-Juice by Mad Hatter is a flawlessly-balanced, perfectly-sweet, and genuinely refreshing watermelon candy flavor that will absolutely blow you away. You will instantly appreciate the accuracy of taste and the meticulous attention to detail that went into creating this delight. It is for good reason that I Love Candy Watermelon has received such a staggering array of enthusiastic reviews by vapers and professionals alike.

  • I Love Salts Strawberry Candy


    I love Salts is specially designed with nicotine salt lovers in mind! The combination of phenomenal mouthwatering flavor with the effectiveness of nicotine salts is perfection! Strawberry Candy Salts is succulent strawberries formulated into sweet candy!



    Pancake Man e juice by Vape Breakfast Classics is a 60ml of fluffy Pancakes with butter, topped with strawberry and whipped cream, drizzled with maple syrup.

    VG/PG 80/20

  • Pink Starburst By Mad Rabbit


    Take your taste buds on a ride with Pink Starburst by Mad Rabbit. Max VG for ultimate cloud production at a price you cant beat.