• American Cowboy Blend by Naked 100

    American Cowboy by Naked 100 E-Liquid is designed for those who appreciate the taste of fine tobacco. This designer blend from one of the most popular creators of premium e-juices has a flavor that is big and bold. A bevy of distinct notes combine to deliver the taste of legendary tobacco brands in a manner that is rich yet smooth. You’ve come to expect perfection from this e-juice designer, and you won’t be disappointed with this unique flavor.

  • Cosmic Fog- Chilled Tobacco


    Chilled Tobacco eLiquid by Cosmic Fog moves away from the traditional fruit and dessert-themed vapes Cosmic are known for, with this eLiquid characterised by a Peppermint and Tobacco blend, coupled with Chocolate to finish.

  • Cuban Blend by Naked 100

    Cuban Blend by Naked 100 Tobacco is a flavorful, medium bodied, and aromatic, with an expertly balanced composition of the finest tobacco to create a complex yet unbelievably smooth flavor profile with a superb aroma perfect for those looking for a standout all day tobacco vape.

  • Euro Gold By Naked 100

    Euro Gold by Naked 100 Tobacco is an exceptional smooth body tobacco blend with a flavor profile that has been painstakingly handcrafted to create the smoothest tobacco vape that truly showcases tobacco’s finest notes.

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    VaporFi Menthol Tobacco E-Liquid (30 ML)

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    Fans of minty menthol and bold tobacco flavor notes will absolutely love this vape juice. Providing a formidably smooth tobacco front note, this e-liquid simulates an analog to perfection. As the vape juice travels across your tongue, a refreshing menthol note provides the flavor body and back note with an unforgettable flavor. Buy your 30ML bottle of VaporFi Menthol Tobacco E-Liquid today!